Grow and Extract Organic Food Ingredients from Nature’s Complex Resources

As further information about healthy eating continues to be published, more and more people are making conscious decisions about what kinds of foods they want to put into their bodies. At Intrinsic Organics, our mission to GROW AND EXTRACT ORGANIC FOOD INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE’S COMPLEX RESOURCES aims to satisfy the growing desire for healthier foods in every industry.

We saw a need for organic food ingredients to be locally grown and naturally processed in the United States, and we wanted to control the organic chain from soil preparation to the final process.

Intrinsic Organics is proud to be able to create meaningful relationships with our consumers. They will be able to see the fields where their product is organically grown and the facility where it is naturally processed.

We continually strive to extract premier ingredients for our customers that can be tailored to their formulations. We enable our customers to give the consumer the healthiest food possible by providing the highest quality of organically grown and naturally produced food ingredients.

Currently, companies in the prepared foods industry purchase inulin manufactured from chicory root, imported from Europe and not currently grown organically. At Intrinsic Organics, we have achieved our goal to grow and create organic inulin made in the United States. Intrinsic Organics is now the best supplier of custom, high-quality organic inulin to satisfy the demands of the US and world market for healthier food ingredients.


Famous Tubers

Our plot plan surrounds Weiser, Idaho, and has plenty of room for growth. We’re proud to have all of our operations and farming done here in the US. You can see more about our plot plans and our new facility here.


A proprietary invention

Thanks to the University of Idaho and the University of Maine, our proprietary SunSpud™ has shown tremendous results in producing organic inulin. Our extraction process is simple and natural, and produces an inulin product that is high in nutrients.


State of the Art

Intrinsic Organics is a manufacturing facility dedicated to using the latest LEED Certification standards (2009 v4) to qualify as one of Idaho’s only Gold Level manufacturing plants, as listed by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).


A proprietary invention

Intrinsic Organics is proud to be the only company in the US to domestically produce organic inulin. Our inulin is offered in both a powder form (pictured above) and also a high-nutrient syrup.